About EnterpriseNg

EnterpriseNg offers comprehensive tailored advisory services and solutions to both aspiring entrepreneurs and Small & Medium sized businesses that seek to expand, diversify and/or restructure their operations.


EnterpriseNg is passionate about helping business startups and owners create a business model for the sustainability of their business.


We get to know your business, analyze and deliver solutions since we do know that businesses are unique, challenges are not.


Our values are the guiding force for all EnterpriseNg does. We’re committed to Incororating them as a team, and delivering them to your advantage.

Our story

After studying businesses, business owners, business models for almost two decades, we discovered that the business clime are as peculiar as the people setting them up, they sometimes neglect a factor so important for their growth.

EnterpriseNg was created to sharpen the business and entrepreneurial workings of not just a select class of people but the general class of enterprising individuals and organizations thereby boosting their vibrancy.

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